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''Virtual breed database''
Copyright ©, 2004-2018 Y.Semenov
All rights reserved.

Welcome to the virtual database of the breed Tibetan Terrier !

This project presents a single electronic database of Tibetan Terrier. It was created as a convenient tool for the breeds lovers and breeders in order to gather and summarize the detailed information about all dogs of this breed, who lived before and who live now (photos, the results of the dog shows, assessments, titles, information about offsprings, the dates of birth and death, information about the place of birth, about owners and breeders).

In addition it is oriented for the quick search for the information about specific representatives of the breed and ways of getting in touch with the breeders and owners. It is also convenient for creation of puppies pedigrees and planning of future litters.

Accessibility of the database and an opportunity of entering of the most detailed information directly by the owners and the breeders let you efficiently show and advertise your dogs to the wide range of interested people in our country and abroad.

We hope that this database will be constantly renewed.

The website has got five main sections:

Database presents an open for everyone electronic database of the representatives of the breed Tibetan Terrier.

Dog shows - this section is created for the quick entering of the results of the held dog shows in combination with the database.

Kennels - the information about former and active kennels of Tibetan Terrier is presented here.

Forum - it is place for communication for TTs lovers.

Links - these are the links to the different recourses dedicated to the breed and also to other databases of Tibetan Terrier.

On the matter of registration at the database, please contact by e-mail: tibetan.terrier.ru@gmail.com

The administration of the database is not responsible for the data and photo, which is entered by users.


We would like to show our special gratitude to Yuriy Semenov for embodying this project.


Leroy Yu King

Information about 5 latest litters, entered in the database
LITTER BIRTH 07.06.2018

Tintavon Jeremias

Yurmis Fidel Uffi Fire Fox
LITTER BIRTH 09.05.2018

Yurmis Fidel Tango de Passion

Ayrisha Tagilskaya Skazka
LITTER BIRTH 23.02.2018

H'Pasang Lamleh of Gold and Brill

Yurmis Fidel Shuni Believe In Dream
LITTER BIRTH 28.12.2017

Barri Burri Lamleh Aitash Pobedonosez

Brag-Srin-Mo Lamleh
LITTER BIRTH 25.12.2017

Desser of Darkness

Elle of Darkness
Dogs in base: 3150

Ti La Shu Hot New Spice

Mikudi Hot on His heels to Khados

Sumanshu Dark and Delightfull

Pindaros Jammin'

Gedariah Angel Djomo Gangkar

07.10.2018, Russia

, - , .
15.07.2018, , .

28.07.2018, Israel

28.07.2018, Israel

-, - , .
24.06.2018, Russia

5 sires, having biggest number of offspring in the base

Luneville Prince Khan

38 Offspring in base

Bo-Jah of Lamleh

35 Offspring in base

Khalarka of Lamleh

28 Offspring in base

Fellah of Lamleh

25 Offspring in base

Tintavon Jeremias

24 Offspring in base